Is Facebook Prepping Up Something Against Google Analytics

if you are maintaining a Facebook page, you might have received an email from Facebook containing a summary of the activities that happened in the past on your Facebook pages. This started last week, and a couple of hours ago I received another email again.  While the page analytics contain just some basic data about your page’s activities, its interesting to know that Facebook actually compiles all these activities. And makes you think whether this might be the start of a bigger traffic analytics product.

Well, Nick of All Facebook thinks so when he noticed that Facebook’s latest Javascript libraries suggest that Facebook might be preparing to roll out Insights beyond Facebook and this might be discussed during the f8 conference happening in San Francisco.

Using the following  API call developers will be able to track various types of event, says O’Neill.

FB.Insights.impression(<br />{<br />api_key: 'YOUR_API_KEY',<br />lid: 'EVENT_TYPE'<br />} );

What remains a mystery though is whether this will be integrated in individual websites or will be a part of an enhanced “Like” feature in Facebook.

Is Facebook planning to launch a new product that will compete with Google Analytics? Something that would go beyond what Facebook Insights being use to track activities on Facebook Fan Pages, perhaps? We might know soon.

More info at Net Visibility Group

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