Good or Bad SEO for Your Company?

Recently, when meeting with clients whom are paying for SEO/SEM monthly, our company has ran accross many websites that are of duplicate content….These clients have paid anywhere from 6000.00 up to 17,000 for a professional looking website…..imagine the clients confusion when they are 4+ years old or more and they appear nowhere on the search engines…at least in the first 2 to 3 pages and their PR ranking is 0-2……..We have a client with a 54 page website…where over 75% of the website is duplicate content and can be found in over 111,000 dental sites across the  nation and they are paying a monthly fee of $400 and up for SEO work…….they are furious of course………..As a credible SEO company, whether they become a client or not, it is important to educate them on some of the steps required to prevent this from happening…..then with this education, hopefully it becomes like a disease that spreads…… keep this from happening to small businesses.  Spread the news… is time to stop this…..don’t you agree?

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