Link Quality is Everything!

There are many techniques you can use that can help your website rank well in Google. You can go to any website that offers freelance work and you will find plenty! They offer to submit your website to thousands of directories for pennies. They tell you that all of these submissions are completed by hand. Come on….Read between the lines, manually, in 24 hours? 1000’s? If you are foolish enough to fall for this, well, Please Be Advised….back links to your website in a large quantity over a short period of time definitely raises a huge red flag for Google. True, your website will increase in the Search Engines, but the fall is going to be quick and hard.

Now, if you do happen to find a trustworthy Search Engine Optimization Company to do this for you that takes the time to locate quality back links for you and links that are relative to your website and the work is done properly and over time then this is definitely White Hat.

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