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local search mobile search seo company eugene Here is the latest from in regards to Local and Mobile Search today 7/27/2010.
Hope local businesses realize having good quality SEO that is trackable and done right and backed up by a guarantee needs to be their first priority! Being on the first page of the search engines is what used to be first position in the phone book! SEO is not a short term advertising media….you need a good seo company oregon and a good search engine friendly website, that is designed by a good quality website design company eugene oregon

Local search is poised for explosive growth. Add mobile search to the mix, and the local search landscape stands to provide even more opportunities for local businesses looking to target locally. So, what rules, strategies, and best practices apply when the corner mom-and-pop can advertise head-to-head with big-box national retailers? A panoply of new products and services are launched every week by major search engines and yellow page providers. Luckily, a local search guru like seo company eugene can show you around the “hood”.

"You Can No Longer Afford To Be Invisible On The Net."

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