Hire an SEO Company for All Search Engines like BingAHoo!

Nov 22, 2010 at 4:26pm ET by Greg Sterling (Search Engine Land)

From an SEM-SEO resource-allocation perspective focusing on Google Maps Eugene historically made lots of sense for small and even medium-sized firms. Some firms didn’t have the bandwidth to address Yahoo, let alone Bing. But after the merger the two now control about 28 percent of all search traffic according recent search market share data from comScore.

So now that there are two, it makes sense to devote resources to the Yahoo-Bing combination. Search ad network Chitika says that many of the publishers on its network — almost 50 percent — are receiving less traffic than they could if they were to pay more attention to BingaHoo:

Google Maps Eugene

Among the stable of publishers who run Chitika, a staggering 47% are receiving less traffic from Bing and Yahoo than they should be. With a network-wide average of 23.58% of all search traffic coming from a Bing-powered search engine, that’s a lot of missed opportunity, opportunity now coming from a single source.

The company says that, “on average, publishers who don’t optimize for Bing are missing out on a 9.4% bump in traffic.”

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