Shared by Contractors Electric LLC-Steven Leuck, Owner

Our bookkeeper at electrician eugene oregon shared something very funny that happened last week with our part time shop helper. And,… don’t get me wrong,… he is ONE SHARP kid and a real go-getter. But, it kind of illustrates a sort of signs of the times, as it were.

Seems he was making appointment calls for us last Thursday when he claimed he started getting a “really weird” sound on the line. Our bookkeeper asked him what was wrong and he explained to her that he had tried the number several times but kept getting a strange noise on the line and wasn’t sure what he should do.

So, she tried calling the number herself. After she dialed it she said she almost couldn’t contain her laughter as she explained to him what a “busy signal” is. Seems he’s so used to everyone he knows having cell phones, answering machines and call waiting that he has gone his entire life without every having heard a busy signal. She said she chuckled all the way home to Pleasant Hill that evening thinking about it – Steven Leuck, Owner Contractors Electric LLC

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